Decleor Treatments

Decleor Facials

Aromaplasty - Time 1 hour - Price £42
Using a 100% natural multi-vitamin poultirce, the skin is hydrated, revitalised and re-balanced to produce a soft velvety and luminous appearance, immediately apparent after your very first treatment.

Nourish - Time 1 hour 15 mins - Price £47
This deeply nourishing treatment immediately replenishes lost moisture to dry and dehydrated skin. The epidermis is visibly refreshened and completely hydrated.

Purify - Time 1 hour 15 mins - Price £47
The visible signs of an oily and combination skin are immediately improved with this extensive balancing treatment. Visible open pores and reduced, excess sebum is absorbed to prevent unwanted shine and the skin is left clearer, more luminous and refined.

Soothe - Time 1 hour 15 mins - Price £47
Soothes and re-balances the epidermis but also increases the tolerance level of reactive skin leaving the complexion smooth and refined.

Lift - Time 1 hour 15 mins - Price £47
This effective anti-aging treatment uses a unique combination of essential oils, plant extracts and marine algae to combat the signs of ageing in mature skin. It restores firmness, smooths fine lines and leaves the skin looking youthful, rested and radiant.

Vital Lift - Time 1 hour 30 mins - Price £57
The ultimate aromatherapy treatment. A totally unforgettable experience which offers all the luxurious benefits of the Evidence facial but with the addition ofthe soothing Vital Eyes treatment.

Vital Eyes - Time 1 hour - Price £40
A unique extensive eye treatment using digitapressure massage to sooth irritation, eliminate dark shadows and smooth fine lines to reduce the signs of ageing and fatigue. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment is combined with the exclusive Tranquility Scalp

Decleor Body Treatments

Decleor Aromatic Massage - Time 1 hour - Price £42
This exceptional treatment combines unique massage techniques, including Thai and Shiatsu to de-stress and re-balance the body, the warm Aromatic Massage Balm melts away all feelings of tension throughout the body.

Time 1 hour 30 mins - Price £53
As above and including the Tranquillity Scalp Massage and Facial Digitopressure Massage

Decleor Back and shoulder massage Time 30 mins - Price £23
Same as the Aromatic Massage but focused specifically on the back to relax, distress and melt away all feelings of tension usually built up in the shoulders and lower back.

Hot Stone Massage
Time 1 hour (full body)Price £45 & 30 minutes (back, neck & shoulder) - Price £23
This relaxing treatment combines our unique massage techniques with heated stone therapy. Using the stones allows the body to completely relax and destress to the deepest level, leaving you perfectly calm and relaxed.

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